Terms and Conditions




Distance Selling Regulations and Consumer Rights Directive


This and the next paragraph apply only to private individuals within the European Union (EU). You, the buyer, may return book/s within fourteen days of the date on which you receive them. You must notify EAA, the seller, of your decision. You must then pack and return the book/s safely at your cost. The seller must refund you the full price which you paid for your books/s, excluding outward postage and packing, within fourteen days of receiving notice of your cancellation.

If you are unsure of a book’s suitability, you are strongly encouraged to ask question/s before buying. This avoids the administrative cost to both parties of returning books and issuing refunds.


General Rules


This and subsequent paragraphs apply to all book purchasers, including businesses and academic institutions worldwide and non-EU buyers.

Every effort is made to use sufficient packaging to avoid damage in the post. If a book which you buy is damaged or lost, you will receive a replacement as soon as possible, so long as you paid for insured post. The advertised price includes insurance.

With this exception, all sales are final. If you are in doubt about a book’s suitability, please do not hesitate to ask question/s before purchase.

If a book has printing, binding or similar errors, you are entitled to a replacement copy. Please notify the seller in writing of the fault/s within 20 working days of the invoice date and, if requested, e-mail photograph/s to the seller as proof of the fault/s. You will normally receive a replacement by special delivery or air mail.

If applicable, you will receive a refund of your postage costs in returning the book via ordinary post. But do not send it back unless you are asked to do so.

The delivery times cited are given as guidance only by the UK’s Royal Mail. They offer no guarantee of delivery times. Any customs charges on overseas orders, or handling charges imposed by overseas postal services, are the responsibility of the buyer.

Pre-publication orders for books are greatly appreciated. In return, the book will normally be sent to you by special delivery or express air mail, in order to guarantee arrival on publication date.


All Other Documents


At present, all these reports, articles and presentations are downloadable without charge. The information, advice and recommendations contained therein are provided to users in good faith but strictly without liability.

If no details are given at the end of a document, all rights are reserved.Generally, the work is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Please read the details carefully. If you wish to use material beyond the terms of such a license, or if you are in any doubt, you must contact EAA. Action will be taken over any copyright infringements, sometimes in the form of a bill for a copyright licence.