• ‘The thermal comfort is outstanding. Before completing the house, I only thought that we would save energy. This was a complete bonus.’
  • ‘… The only house in this part of London that is comfortable in heatwaves without air conditioning.’
  • ‘… The most successful modification I ever made to a construction detail. It virtually eliminated the thermal bridging. If only I had known of it earlier.’
  • ‘… By any standards, the occupant survey results are excellent, one of the best seen [by Building Use Studies Ltd.] in over ten years of similar studies.’
  • [To EAA] ‘The building is very warm.’ [To the architects] ‘What a beautiful building you have created.’
  • ‘Thank you … for your report and recommendations. We almost certainly will have some more questions but meanwhile we can reconsider … our initial assumptions. [A few ideas] may well cost more than they are worth.’
  • ‘Thanks to this invaluable input, we live in what must be one of the most energy-efficient private dwellings in Europe. … Comments from … interested visitors suggest that they too are equally impressed.’